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Baba Yaga is the classic frightful Russian witch of the North. Although she was reputed to be very bad, she was know for helping the innocent and pure of heart. Like all witches who brew potions, she was an herbalist. An old woman, living lightly on the land (in a house on chicken legs), making a living through the intimate knowledge of the land and its plants.


Chaga and its Traditional Use

Chaga, Inonotus obliquus, is the sclerotium of a polypore found on birch trees, and is most potent in areas that achieve at least 40 Below. Our chaga is harvested from live trees or taken from trees already harvested for heating wood here in the Boreal Forest, far from industry and pollution.

In MycoMedicinals, by Paul Stamets, it is listed as being anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, anti-viral, blood sugar moderator, immune adaptogen, and liver tonic. Other scholarly reports indicate high anti-oxidants, liver protection, anti-fungal, and anti-mutagen benefits, mitigation of side effects of harsh cancer treatments, benefits central nervous system in the brain and as spasms, moderation of cholesterol and thus blood pressure. There is a history of use against cancers, tuberculosis, arthritis, and stomach ailments, including ulcers.

Chaga double extracts, that are a combination of hot water and ethanol extraction, were found to have very high levels of antioxidant power. Active constituents include polysaccharides, xylogalactoglucan, lanostanoid,triterpenoids and other steroidals, betulin flanosterols, inotodiol, inositols, vitamin B, lactones, melanin.

Raw Chaga mushrooms do not have medical benefits. Heat is required to break down chitins. Steeped tea has some benefits, but for most benefits prolonged heating is required (decocting) with more constituents dissolved in alcohol (in tincture). Double extract contains constituents soluble in both decoction and tincture.

Never use medicinal mushroom extracts together with immune suppressing medicines – Chaga’s immune modulating effect might neutralize its workings.

No medical claims are made for this product, and we cannot be held responsible for how you choose to use it. Keep out of reach of children, in a cool dark place.